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Why the Dominican Republic is the Best Place for a Wedding Ceremony

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Miles of white sandy beaches surrounded by tropical forests. Breathtaking mountain peaks. Airy clouds and a silver moon lighting up the endless blue sky. The celebration accompanied by the sounds of the ocean… It seems that in the country, love reigns everywhere. This is the perfect spot for uniting two souls and romantic trips, and here’s why.

The best conditions for people in love

Pure coastal line with beautiful white-sand beaches attracts newlyweds, while upscale hotels offer everything necessary for a celebration. An important fact determining the choice of this country for becoming spouses is the presence of eight international airports located near major resorts and cities.

Moreover, this country is officially among the best places for celebrating this special day. Planning this event in this beautiful country is few-steps easy. Many hotels offer recreation programs for those who want to become spouses, including a free manager who organizes everything. You just have to send the required papers to the Consulate of the country as they must be filled according to its. Don’t forget to add an empty envelope with the stamp and necessary address.


The majority of hotel complexes, from luxurious resorts to small cozy boutique hotels, provide a variety of services for organizing and conducting such ceremonies to ensure that the newlyweds don’t get distracted by annoying details. Travel agencies provide detailed advice, contacting the hotel you choose beforehand. Ceremonies can take place both in the solemn atmosphere of the historic churches and in the romantic setting of the beautiful beaches of Samana, Punta Cana, Boca Chica, and many others.

You can adjust the program of the holiday to your taste, both with traditional and very exotic entertainments, like horseback riding or yacht voyage, quad biking, golfing, or swimming with dolphins.

Music accompaniment, solemn design of the hall, bridal flowers, and the groom’s attire are also individually selected. Besides, you can hire a photographer to capture every moment of the event. In addition, you will get spa treatments for two, facial and body care, rooms for newlyweds, a romantic photo session, a beautiful cake, as well as planning a banquet, entertaining events for guests, and much more to make the day unforgettable.

Specialists will also take over preparations of all necessary papers and verify the correctness of official papers issued after the main event. It’s worth considering that while basic requirements for all couples are the same, the process may differ. Laws and religion should be considered here. Organizers will help you select an authorized representative of the church or civil institutions and send all the finished papers and certificates.

Low prices

As a rule, the whole ceremony costs from $900, and if you just want to make a vow to your significant other, then it will cost from $300 to $400. The event itself is conducted in Spanish, but the organizers will hire an interpreter if needed. Some resorts allow you to hold an unofficial ceremony.

According to tour operators, almost a third of all tours to this country are especially popular among people in love. The main advantage of this country is that the sun shines all year round here. And once you decided to get married, you don’t necessarily wait for summer.